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CS 626 Object-Oriented Principles and Practices / C++
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Spring Trimester 2013
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  1. Question: Can I get a project completion certificate in this course?

    Answer: Yes, but you must do more than is required to complete the class.

  2. Question: I already know C++, I learned it when I was a freshman. So there is no point in me taking this course, is there?

    Answer: We are not going to be working at the conceptual level or the skill level of a freshman. All kinds of material will be presented: basic practical facts about C++, design principles, professional attitudes, and some sophisticated material about the way C++ types and storage management work.

  3. Question: Is this course really hard?

    Answer: It is a lot of work, but all project courses are a lot of work. It is not impossible and most students finish it with a good grade. Students who are weak programmers will need to work harder and will not be weak programmers when they finish.

  4. Question: Should I take this course?

    Answer: That depends on your level, your goals, and your time:

    • It helps develop professional skills.
    • Many students think that it helps to get a good job.
    • Do you have time to do a project?
  5. Question: What if I don't finish on time?

    Answer: I will let you finish in January. However, if you are not nearly done by the data of the final exam, you can expect to have trouble with the exam. Coupled with a late-penalty on the project grade, that can add up to a poor course grade.

  6. Question: I hear the exams are very hard. Can we use our notes?

    Answer: Yes, because there is too much to memorize. You should be using your time learning concepts, not details.

  7. Question: How can I get the course notes?
    Answer: The PDF files are on this website. Download them onto your own computer.

  8. Question: How can I get the programs you use in class?
    Answer: The .cpp and .hpp files are on this website. Download them.

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